How big is the bucket?

We provide 4 gallon buckets.

Where does my bucket go? (During the week and for pick up)

During the week: It will have a sealed lid that will ensure there’s no smell factor. You can put it right next to your garbage and recycling cans in your kitchen. Tip: Some people use a smaller container that sits on their counter to collect scraps and then empty it at the end of the day into the larger bucket.

For pick up: Try to avoid putting the bag next to your regular trash and recycle pick up place, because it is likely to get mistaken! We will asses your home and come up with a recommended location before your first pick up. Let us know if there is a place you’d prefer & we will try to accommodate!

How many times a month should I get a pick up?

If you have 3 or more people in your house, or are cooking frequently, we recommend you get a weekly pick up. If your house has 1-2 people, you can probably get away with a pick up every other week.

Do I get compost back?

Yes! For our regular pickup subscribers, you will receive compost back throughout the year.

I use my garbage disposal. Isn’t that good enough?

Think about how much water you use when using your garbage disposal. Water is a precious resource that we should be mindful of usage. Now for the food scraps- that stuff is going into the water stream, and the rest is out of your control. When you compost, you are helping create natural soil enrichers that let carbon stay in the ground for longer, and keep plants healthy.