Divert Your Scraps and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Our world is seeing the devastating effects of climate change every day. Temperatures are rising, oceans are heating up, and extreme weather conditions are becoming the norm. Greenhouse gases are speeding up climate change, and unfortunately people are attributing to this. When organic waste (food & lawn scraps, paper products) is thrown into landfills with garbage, methane is produced, thus attributing to global warming. Our mission is to reduce the levels of greenhouse gas produced by diverting food from landfills. We are educating people about food waste and keeping carbon in the ground by creating compost. When you divert the organic waste, it benefits the planet- we are here to help Earth's natural recycling system occur.  


How to make a difference

Ready to reduce your waste? We provide buckets for you to keep your food scraps in and offer a regular pick-up service.

Enrich Yourself

We are committed to combat climate change. Take part by being mindful in your daily routines. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook to join the journey of a better vision for the world.

Enrich the Community

The food scraps we take from you we give back to the Earth, starting with your local gardens and farms. When composted, scraps break down to enrich the soil. The result is happy plants and animals in our Richmond area!


Landfills are filling up. Recycling programs have been established. Composting is the next step in fixing our climate change problem. Watch this quick video to understand the importance of compost.