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Kelsey and Onur met at college in upstate New York. Quickly realizing their shared morals and interests in environmentalism, they grew closer by working together in advocacy groups. They were active in the fight to Ban Fracking in NY State, and organized around renewable energy production and GMO labeling for consumers.

They lived in California, where they saw first hand the devastating effects of extreme climate change, and their passion for changing our world for the better intensified. Always drawn to the Richmond area, they relocated and decided to do something more about the climate, creating Enrich Compost.

The idea is to have people make a conscious choice about their waste. Instead of ending up in the ever shrinking landfill space and polluting the atmosphere, folks can divert their food and lawn scraps and actually have it transform into compost to enrich the environment. They are partnering with local businesses and Richmond residents who are ready to do something about the climate and reduce their environmental footprint.