The Problem:

Percentage of Materials in U.S. Landfills (2015)

Organics make up about half of the material in landfills. Plastics are still heading to the landfill at alarming amounts. If we properly recycled and diverted our organic waste, we could reduce the amount of material going into the landfill by upwards of 70%.

Enrich Solutions:


Divert Your Scraps. Every 100 pounds of waste we collect offsets about 210 miles driven by a car. This is a convenient way for you to reduce your carbon footprint and offset your human impact.

Composting is nature’s way of recycling. Why do it?

  • Benefits the environment by recycling valuable organic resources and extending the life of our landfills.

  • Saves water by helping the soil hold moisture and reducing water runoff.

  • Holds carbon in the ground for longer, instead of releasing it into the atmosphere.

  • Helps garden and house plants by improving the fertility and health of your soil.


Food for Farms:

We partner with Field Station Farms to create enriched compost made from your diverted food! Please reach out if you would like to get some compost from us.